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 25 September, 2010

woman woman blowjob

I like a little bit of everything. I get bored when I look at the same thing too long. That’s why she really gets me going. A lot of guys like to look at shaved pussies. I’m not going to lie, so do I. But, I also like to look at really hairy pussies. Those pussies you can comb the hair. There’s nothing quite like having your face in between the legs of a woman that has a really hairy pussy. The smell of the pussy, the feel of the pubic hair against your skin. It makes my dick hard just thinking about it. If this describes your ideal woman, then check her out. Even if it doesn’t, you’re going to find this girl to be very sexy. Especially when she has a cock in her mouth!

 24 September, 2010

tight doggy style fucking

Whew, take a look at that. He’s really doing a number on her pussy. I’ve said that so many times I’ve lost track. I’ve looked at quite a bit of porn. If you’re followed my blog, you’ve looked at quite a bit of porn also. This is what I like to see. A woman with a great body putting it to good use. When you see something like this, you can’t help but want to jerk off. I know I do. I pull that thing out and go to town. Have yourself a whole lot of fun and do the same thing. Beat your meat and forget about everything for a few minutes. You deserve a break.

 24 September, 2010

outside milf sex

It has been a long time since a milf left me without words. I’ve been sitting here for at least five minutes trying to think of what to say. I’m not really sure there’s a whole lot that can be said. I mean, look at her. Beautiful blonde hair. A nice pair of tits that you and I both would like to suck on. Then you have the wet milf pussy that’s getting fucked pretty good right now. I do have some envy for this guy. I mean, he is doing what most of us wish we were doing right now. Espeically to a horny milf like her. What can be said? That’s what I keep wondering. Maybe I should say nothing and jerk off while looking at her like the rest of the guys are doing. She’s the mom I want to see and I’m glad that I had a chance to watch her get fucked!

 23 September, 2010

hardcore milf sex threesome

It will take quite a bit for her to get her fill. You can see right here she’s craving cock bad. A horny milf that needs a cock. I’m sure all you guys would give her yours if you could. Good thing there are two men there more than willing to help her out. If it wasn’t for them, she might have been forced to masturbate. That almost brings a tear to my eye. The thought of a sexy horny milf like her being forced to do such a thing. It should never happen. Though, I would watch if she did it on camera. Wishing all the while that some guy would come along and fuck her. Maybe even two guys, like what’s going down in this gallery.

 21 September, 2010

milf cock sucker

I knew it was about to happen some time. I could come across that milf that finally pushed me over the egdge. What am I talking about? I’m talking about this dirty milf sucking cock. I knew right away that seeing her in action would make me pop a boner. I haven’t got a hard on like this in some time. Well, since the last time I looked at a hot chick. But, for some reason she’s really doing a number on me. I think it is the way she sucks his dick. He’s got a big one and she’s not backing away from it. I would have thought maybe she would back off a little. Tell him that thing is too big. No way, she’s going to have the sexual experience of a lifetime. When does a milf in real life actually get to suck and fuck a cock this big? That’s why she’s not going to turn him down. A once in a lifetime chance to enjoy a cock she will tell all her girl friends about for many years to come.

 21 September, 2010

girl fucked from behind

I don’t know how he can keep from busting his nut. He has the ability to do something that I can’t do. You need to look at all of her body. She’s got one of those bodies that you never forget. No matter what you look at, you’re going to see perfection. From top to bottom and from side to side. When you see her in action, you’ll be wishing you were the guy fucking her. I can’t even go on to explain what’s going on. I still question how this guy doesn’t blow his load. I know what many of you guys are thinking. What is he talking about? Once you blow your load looking at her, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

 21 September, 2010

woman boss fucking at work

I need a new job. One where a big tits boss like her fucks me. You read that right. I need a job where I get paid to fuck my boss. Can you imagine what that would be like? Getting paid to screw the boss, that would be a dream come true. Especially if the boss looked like this. I don’t know where to get such a job. I want one really bad though. Even if she wasn’t as good looking as this busty big tits blonde. I would settle for just fucking at work period. I can jack off at work. Then again, so can most people. What most people can’t do is this. Fucking a super sexy blonde that seems to be addicted to cock. So addicted that it will make you flip your lid.

 20 September, 2010

nice girlfriend tits

She does have the nicest tits on a girlfriend you’re going to see today. I even love her nipples. I love everything about her tits. Her smile is so sweet and innocent. You know she isn’t though. I mean, she’s some guy’s girlfriend. If she was innocent she would be married. Not a girlfriend. Guys, remember that the next time you go out on a date. The real innocent women are married. Wait a minute, that’s not always the case. But, maybe more so than with girlfriends. I’ve seen plenty of porn with cheating wives. I can’t figure out women. I shouldn’t even try. What the fuck am I thinking? I guess those tits and nipples did it to me again. I’m a sucker for a girlfriend with nice tits.

 20 September, 2010

shaved spread pussy

There are times when I just can’t believe what I’m seeing. I want to slap on a bib and go down on that. I think that would be one tasty pussy. He seems to enjoy fucking it. If it can keep his dick hard, then you know it has to be good. It would be difficult to allow a woman with a pussy like that to suck your dick. I don’t know how this guy did it. I mean, look at what she has between her legs. I would give anything to fuck that. I really do mean anything. If she was sucking my dick, all I could think about would be is that pussy. I think I would fantasize about her pussy even if I was fucking her in the ass. I know what you’re thinking. That’s going a little over board. But, that’s how much I love that pussy. Can you really blame me? Take a look at it and then ask yourself that question.

 19 September, 2010

pretty face covered in semen

I would love to shoot my cum on her face. Just imagine for a minute what that would be like. Not only do you get to fuck her. Not only does she suck your dick. But, you get to cream all over her pretty face. I wish I had a girlfriend like her. She wouldn’t be my girlfriend for long. I would marry her in an instant. Yes I would. Just so I could cum on her face. What would be better than that? Shooting a load on her face when ever you felt like it. That’s my dream wife, right there. You can see her. She’s the girl with the cum all over her face. She makes my heart skip a beat.

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