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 6 October, 2011

hot asian fuck

I thought I would give you guys another gallery to look at. I think I told you that this is brand new stuff. It is nothing but Asian girls getting fucked by black men. I haven’t seen much porn like this online. So, chances are you haven’t either. I know some of you guys are really going to like this. I like how he’s pounding her tight Asian pussy. His big cock really makes that hole look tight too. I wish I was fucking that tender pussy right now. Like before if you want to see the gallery click on this picture. I always don’t include the galleries. I think most of you guys just want to see some pics and then pass by. But, I think you’re going to want to see more of this. It has to be some of the most unique porn that I’ve seen in a long time. That’s why I’m giving you a second dose of this stuff!

 6 October, 2011

interracial asian porn

Check this out. Asian chicks that love black dicks. This is brand new porn right here. You’ve never seen this stuff before. I just found out about this today. If you’re into Asian porn, then I really think you’re going to be into this. This has to be some of the hottest stuff I’ve seen in a long time. These girls are so hot and they really do love black cock. It seems like an odd combination to me. Asian girls that tend to be petite and so pretty. While black guys usually have big fat cocks. As you can see these Asians really love black cock. After this, these Asian girls might even prefer black cock. Click on the picture and it will take you to a porn gallery. Where you can see more interracial sex pictures like this one.

 5 October, 2011

blonde fucked on a car

I’ve been debating if I should eat a salad or write a blog post. As you can see writing won. I’ll eat the salad as soon as I’m done. I also have to wash some dishes. That’s probably what’s really holding me back. I don’t feel like dong any dishes. But, I have to do some to eat. Do you really give a fuck though? No you don’t. I really don’t even give a fuck. But, I saw this babe and knew you guys would like her. Doesn’t she have the most perfect ass ever? You would love the view if you were fucking her from behind!

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 4 October, 2011

amateur sex

Sometimes I never know how to start this off. I look at this and I look at that. I try to find some good porn for my blog. I wish I had something exciting and fun to talk about. I mean in my real life. This right here, this is pretty exciting. She is an amateur girl. One of those girls that you’d see at the mall or where ever. You might see a girl like her at your favorite pub or maybe as a waitress at your favorite diner. These long sentences mean I’m tired. I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I was sitting on the toilet and almost dozed off. I got right back up and went to work. You know me, I’m the guy always looking at smut. My life is smut and this is my blog. Enjoy watching this cutie get fucked hard.

 2 October, 2011

butthole sex

You might have wondered where I have been the past few days. Though, a lot of you people probably don’t give a fuck. I’ve been busy doing some other things. I just released I haven’t updated my porn blog in awhile. So, here it is. I just got this smut a few days ago. A girl getting fucked right in her asshole. I mean that asshole is tight too. An asshole that so many guys wish they were fucking right now. You can only dream getting your dick wet in such a tight hole. My skin has been itching like fuck. I mean I’m itching. I sure hope I don’t have crabs! Though, I really don’t think I do. I think I would have to be getting some action for that to happen. If I was getting some tail you’d be the first ones to know. Scratching would be my least complaint if I had just gotten laid. Especially if I was fucking a girl like her in the asshole!

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