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 3 September, 2015

Look at what’s here. Some softcore mature porn. She does look good for her age. Even though she does look quite old. I would be afraid of breaking an old lady’s bones if I fucked her. I know that sounds kind of fucked up. But, it sure is the truth. Though, I’d give anything a try at least once. A good mature blowjob would be the very least I would be up for. You never know what to expect from mature ladies these days. They aren’t the grandmas of years gone by. They are horny matures and they will actually tell you about it.

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 1 September, 2015

Those are bedroom eyes if I ever saw any. Those eyes could tell you when she wanted to fuck. She wouldn’t even have to say a single word. All she would have to do is look at you. Your dick would get hard and you’d run into the bedroom. All to find out that she always has those bedroom eyes. She will think you are some kind of pervert. It would be kind of hard to control yourself around such a hot chick. Especially if she’s given it up to you in the past. But, with the help of plenty of cold drinks and maybe even several poured over your head…. You could control yourself not to fuck her even if she was your girlfriend.

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