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 3 November, 2016

Has a chick ever flashed you? Dick you pick your tongue up off the ground after she was done? I’ve had chicks flash me before. Though, they usually do it so fast I can’t really see much. Unless they show me their tits. Then I will take a mental photograph of her tits and look at them all day long. Just thinking of ways to get my hands around them. Even though I know it will never happen. I’ve talked to truck drivers that have told me that women have flashed them before. That would be a pretty cool job if women were flashing you all the time. Though, that might cause a wreck or two.

pussy flashing

 1 November, 2016

Okay, this is really fucking wild. Sometimes good porn like this is even too much for me to handle. Look at her. Isn’t she one of those chicks that you think about when jerking off? I don’t mean her exactly. But, you do fantasize about chicks like her. You need to check out the titty fucking picture. It will drive you wild. You will want to fuck anything that even looks like a pair of tits. You’ll be trying to fuck the folds in your legs and arms. Anything that looks like or maybe even feel just a tiny bit like titty fucking. Man, this has been an experience I’ll never forget.

blond getting ready to please her man

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