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 4 May, 2017

She likes cum on her face. Look at her. With that red lipstick cum lips. Wow, that’s some ex-girlfriend. Makes you wonder why a guy would want to dump a chick like this. Maybe she dumped him. Fuck if I know. All I know is that this chick at some point was a guy’s girlfriend. She also has cum all over her pretty face. That’s one pretty face. But, it sure does look even more pretty with cum all over it. Does it raise your blood pressure a little to see something like this? If so then you better relax before checking out the free hardcore ex-girlfriend gallery.

ex-girlfriend facial jizz shot

 3 May, 2017

Isn’t she just a darling? From head to toe, she’s got it going on. Even those sexy fishnet stockings. Those legs are something else. You know you would like to have those legs wrapped around you. Why will this chick make you want to jerk off? Were you thinking that question. Of course you weren’t. You know why this chick is going to make you jerk off. That pretty face. Her nice small firm perky tits. If all that wasn’t enough, you can’t miss her nice sexy legs in those fishnet stockings.

Celeste Star wearing fishnet stockings

 2 May, 2017

That look says it all. It says I’m having a really good time right now. Man, can she ever suck a great dick. He could also be sitting on his car keys and trying not to act like it. Though, it really does look like he’s enjoying himself. Who wouldn’t if they had Countney James sucking on their cock? She’s a good looking chick that really is out for just one thing. That cock that she craves so much. You know that’s a fact!

sucking on his meaty thick cock

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