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 3 June, 2017

He has to test the product. That way he knows how much he can charge for it. How much do you think you would pay to fuck her? Maybe a hundred dollars? A few hundred? Less? I don’t know what the whore market is like today. Maybe she could bring in a pretty penny. Then again, maybe she couldn’t. It looks like she can do just about anything you can imagine in the bedroom. Which is always a plus for a whore. A whore that can do everything that she can, would probably earn a more money than your average chick. Just guessing, I really have no idea. I’d let her give me a blowjob as a test run though.

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 1 June, 2017

That guy could suck a marble through a straw! Don’t think for a minute that the guy on the receiving end isn’t happy. You know that’s one happy cock. That gay dude seems like he doesn’t want to stop sucking cock. It is like all he wants to do is suck and prove his sucking skills. That’s right, he’s not ashamed his gay cock sucking skills. Probably because he knows that right now you are beating your meat. Looking at him going down on that hard cock. You’re wondering why you never met a gay guy with this much sucking power.

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