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 17 July, 2018

She looks drunk or something. I don’t know, what do you think? I think she’s wasted on something. Maybe she’s drunk on black cock. Maybe she’s one of those small town women that don’t see many black guys. This is her chance to live out a fantasy. I guess I would look kind of strange too if I was fucking the woman of my dreams. She could also be tired. But, I think his big black cock would have woke her up in this interracial sex scene.

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 16 July, 2018

She’s in her sexual prime and she’s not ashamed to let everyone know. Look at the way that cock is going into her pussy. She has some great milf tits too. The kind of tits that you want to play with as you nail her. You know how to fuck a milf. That is if you’ve been reading my porn blogs that is. You’ll see plenty of milfs getting fucked just the way they like it. You see, I don’t make just a porn site. I teach people how to fuck. Well, kind of. Probably more like making guys so horny they can’t help but jerk off.

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 15 July, 2018

Who needs coffee in the morning when you have porn like this to look at? Two very sexy chicks that want to please a man. I like my woman to cook me breakfast in the morning. If she was up for having threesomes I might say screw the breakfast. I don’t care if you cook it or not. Let me bust my nut in your friend. What do I know? I haven’t been laid in a long time and I don’t know how to cook. I’m just a guy that loves porn.

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 13 July, 2018

That look on her face makes my nuts want to explode. She certainly knows how to play it up for the camera. Just imagine her giving you that look before sex. I don’t know what I would do. I think I would either faint or get an erection so big it would rip my pants. I’m not joking here. Look at those eyes. They will cast a sexual spell on you. You’re going to do what I’m thinking about doing, jerking off and cleaning the cum off my tummy.

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 12 July, 2018

If I knew there were that many naked women that wanted to fuck, I would run not walk to them. I would run so fast I would probably fall on the ground. Look at all these women that are ready for an orgy. When you look at this orgy gallery you’ll see that the men do come. You know men couldn’t turn down this much pussy. I would go from hole to hole and maybe even have a rating system. That way I could know which pussy I wanted more of and which ones were a little too loose for my liking.

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 11 July, 2018

She must like fucking mature men. These guys must have taken dick pills before fucking her. Though, just looking at that sweet heart shaped ass might be enough to make them skip the dick pills. She’s got a cute face and a curvy body. I think I would fuck her. What about you? Would you tap that ass? I think you would. Then smoke about half a pack of cigaretes after two minutes worth of sex.

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 9 July, 2018

Well, tell the world. Which one of these horny swingers would you like to fuck? As you can see, they both look like good fucks. They both have great bodies. I’m going to pick the one on the right. I love her tan. If I was able to choose, that’s the one I would choose. In reality I would fuck which ever one spread her legs open the fastest. Just like these guys did. That’s probably the same way you would choose too. Nothing wrong with being horny for that pussy!

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 8 July, 2018

Can anyone say interracial sex? If you can, then you know what this is all about. Look at how wet her black pussy is. Damn, that chick is really worked up. She’s new to the scene and looking to make some dough. With a wet pussy like that, she’s bound to make some cash doing porn. What a good fuck this black beauty would be. He has to feel like a lucky man as he fucks her.

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 7 July, 2018

Are you into squirting porn? These guys must be doing something that I don’t know how to do. I’ve fucked my fair share of chicks and none of them squirted like this. It makes me scratch my head. Though, if he gets to fuck her in the ass that’s all that matters to me. I like to see a woman have an orgasm. Don’t get me wrong. Would I rather see a woman have an orgasm or fuck her in the ass? Depends on the chick. Really, it does. Who am I fooling? I love fucking women in the ass!

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 5 July, 2018

That’s the real question of the day. Just how many cocks can this gay guy handle? I say he’s kind of busy right now. Do you think he can handle a few more? Maybe one more? I don’t know. He’s one of those fresh faced gay guys that looks so sweet. You wouldn’t even think he would be doing porn. It goes to show, porn is where the action is. Especially when that porn is gay porn!

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