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 30 April, 2020

We all love picnics. Especially if the chick cooks all the food. I love women that cook. That do all the work and all we have to do is eat it. I would love to have a picnic with this woman. Even if I didn’t get laid, I would be so happy. Just to look at her beautiful body while I ate. The sex part, that’s like a big time bonus. Sometimes things are as good as it gets. Having someone else cook your meal and ride your cock. Wow, that’s a lot to enjoy.

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 28 April, 2020

Have you had your fill of lesbian porn today? If the answer is anything but yes, then you need to check out these two. They seem to have a whole lot of fun eating pussy. I think lesbians enjoy eating pussy more than men. I don’t know why that is. But, they really seem to get into it. They will get down and dirty and get their face deep inside that pussy. Almost like they’re licking for treasure. Like there is something hidden deep in that pussy that only their tongue can find. This is about as crazy as crazy can get. What more is there to say? Enjoy the lesbian gallery and make sure you don’t rub your dick raw!

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 27 April, 2020

Everyone seems to go both ways these days. These two guys do. They will do men and they will do women. What they won’t do is a question that I don’t know the answer to. I would be willing to bet if you asked one of them what they don’t do they would tell you windows. Then laugh and ask if you’ve had a blowjob today. Then get on their knees and give you the best head ever. That’s just how strange some people are. There’s one thing that isn’t strange. What these three are doing. They know how to make men and women horny. Just think, they know how to do more than one thing.

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 26 April, 2020

What we do if it weren’t for ladies like her? She’s so good looking and she likes those black dicks. She’s wild and proud of it. Who out there wouldn’t let this women suck their dick? Come on, a blowjob is about as harmless as you can get. Unless her mouth is full of razor blades and bleeding. Just kick back and let the pretty lady do what she does best. That’s what I love about blowjobs. All I have to do is relax and enjoy. Even when you watch television you have to keep your eyes open and you have to pay attention. When a woman is sucking your dick, you don’t even have to keep your eyes open. All you have to do is bust a nut so she knows she did a good job. That’s what I call fun!

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 24 April, 2020

Sometimes a picture doesn’t need any words. This is one of those pictures. That picture lets everyone know just how good that cock feels inside her. She’s going to make all of your porn fantasies come true. There is also another lady in this hardcore gallery. You have to check out the entire gallery to see her. This isn’t just about one person. He’s a guy that can’t seem to get enough pussy right now. Well, actually I think all men are that way. Until they shoot a load of course. As long as us guy can get our dick hard, we will keep trying until we don’t have the energy to try any more.

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 23 April, 2020

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you see a woman receiving a facial. All that warm sticky cum on her face. It makes you think of some of the faces you’ve seen recently that you would like to cum on. You know, the woman you saw at the gas station. Maybe a woman you saw on television. There’s a lot of women we see each day that we would love to shoot cum on. That’s why I like facial porn as much as I do. If you have been reading my blogs for any amount of time you know there are two things I really like. Women receiving facials and women that have all natural tits. Those are the two types of porn I could look at all day long. Well, mix in some of the rest so it doesn’t get too boring. You know what I mean. Have some fun and watch this woman get her face creamed with cum.

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 22 April, 2020

Sometimes milf porn looks so good you have to tie yourself in the chair. You want to try to reach through the computer monitor and touch her. Though, these are just milf pictures. It isn’t like you could touch her. What the fuck am I talking about? I feel like I’m trying to reason with a thought that’s totally insane. If someone stuck their hand in a computer monitor the only thing that would happen would is them getting cut up. Maybe starting an electrical fire. You can see that her plump milf ass has really got me going. I’ve got to get one of my own to enjoy. Fuck it. Why stop at one? I want as much milf sex as I can get. Do you feel the same way? I know after looking at her I’m feeling a whole lot of different things. The main thing is being really horny.

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 20 April, 2020

This is a question for all you guys that are married or might be getting married. Would you swap your wife for another woman? I mean to have sex with her and allow another guy to have sex with your wife. That’s the part that gets kind of hairy for some people. Allowing another guy fuck their wife. Sure, you would like to fuck another guy’s wife. All day and every day if you could. Just take some breaks to eat and fuck your own wife. Though, I think the guy fucking your wife part is what makes people not want to do it. You might feel a little differently fucking your wife after another guy has busted a nut inside her.

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 19 April, 2020

She has a little secret. Two actually. The first one is that she really likes white dick. Yes, you can see that right here. Her pussy is so wet for his thick white dick. You know she’s getting turned on. The second secret is that she squirts. You know what that means. All those juices why between her legs while having an orgasm. All she can do is kick back and let it happen. It looks like she might not even have any control over it. You better put on some rain gear if you really want to see this Asian squirt.

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 18 April, 2020

How many times can you look at something like this without busting your nut? Look at the way she’s sucking his dick. She’s not shy when it comes to playing with a cock. In fact, she plays with two cocks here. What more could any guy ask for? All you can see here is two guys that know when a woman is turned on and they go after her like crazy. What would you do to such a beautiful lady? I think you might eat her pussy. That’s what I’m guessing. Suck on her nipples a little then go down on her. That way when it comes for your turn, she’s more than eager to make you feel so good your toes curl up.

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