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 30 October, 2011

perky girlfriend tits

You probably thought I forgot about you guys. I know sometimes I don’t post back to back. I don’t know why I don’t. Actually, sometimes it gets boring. I know what you might be thinking. Can porn really get boring? It does. It really does. Especially when you look at it all day long. When you realize that some of these sluts are really disgusting. Not in a good way either. Then I start to feel horny and realize why I love porn so much. They might be disgusting and they might be filthy whores. But, that’s why I love them. I suppose in some ways I envy them. I wish I was a sexually open as they were. I could have a lot of fun if I was. I wouldn’t be sitting behind a computer jerking off.

Enough about me and all that stuff. I’m sure you care about what you see here. There is a lot of girlfriend or ex-girlfriend porn out there these days. This stuff has always been around. They used to call it amateur porn back in the day. A new name change, but still worth checking out. These are real amateurs that are acting real naughty. These are the girls next door that you can’t help but love jerking off to.

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