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 25 March, 2011

lots of fun pretty girl

I’m not going to hide anything from you guys. I just jerked off and I busted a huge nut. I haven’t came this hard in a long time. Every one of my knuckles was covered in cum. I feel like I just took something to calm me down. It really felt more like a drug than an orgasm. There were no drugs involved. All I did was play with myself until I came. I cleaned myself up with a paper towel and then I had to use toilet paper. I had to run into the bathroom with my pants around my ankles. That way none of my cum would land on the floor. If it sounds messy that’s because it was messy. Then I came online to tell you all about it. If I ever get laid I’ll tell you about that too. Right now she’s on my computer and I have to find something to do with myself. I don’t know if my now very limp dick can get hard so I can try to do all that again.

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