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 27 July, 2011

lingerie and fishnets

It sure has been hot lately. I’m not sure why I just drank a hot cup of coffee. It really doesn’t make much sense. Drink hot coffee on a hot day. I’ve seen people do stuff that’s even more stupid.

I’m not going to spend this whore blog post talking about how hot it is. Unless, it’s this girl that I’m talking about. She is a real looker. A girl that you would love to spend some time with. You can and she’s online right this second. I know some of you guys will rush to see if she’s still online. As I type this she is. She’s online and looking as sexy as she is in this picture. If you’re a real pervert, you might want to ask her some dirty questions. Ask her what’s the biggest cock she’s ever sucked. You might be surprised by the answer she gives you!

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