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 30 July, 2011

sexy smiling girl

I love her smile. It makes me feel happy just looking at it. I could look at her smile all day long. I know you know what I’m going to say next. I wish she was smiling while looking at me right now. I would so love to shoot my cum all over her face. I’ve dreamed about shooting my cum on a pretty face like that. I’d like to really give her something to smile about. If you know what I mean.

Did you know that you can show your cock to these camgirls? You can and girls like her love looking at cocks. She really gets turned on watching guys bust their nut. You could even shoot your cum on something while she watches. I don’t know what you could cum on. I was going to say a ham and cheese sandwich. But, you’ll probably want to save that for after you’re done jerking off. Unless you like the taste of your own cum. Then, bust a nut all over it and have her watch you eat it.

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