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 16 October, 2011

sex audition

This girl isn’t some porn slut. Well, she might be now. When this was filmed she wasn’t. Actually, this was her very first porn movie. I really don’t know if she has done anything more or not. I really don’t give a fuck if she has or hasn’t. I just like what I see right here. Spread legs and a penis in her vagina. It makes me laugh when I think about how much fun these two are having. I sure wish I was having that kind of fun right now. I’m out of hand lotion too. I’ve got no grease for my penis. That kind of bums me out. I hate jerking off with no lube. I might have to break down and use cooking oil. I guess I could use butter too. My favorite thing to jerk off with is lotion. It feels good and it keeps my hands soft.

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