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 14 May, 2011

cute blonde

I know what some of you might be thinking. Two blogs in one day? I’m feeling kind of bored today. There isn’t much to do. All I want to do is look at porn online. Right now she’s in her chatroom and masturbating. I saw her do it with my own eyes. She’s wearing red panties and fingering herself. Rubbing her clit and even sticking her fingers inside herself. I don’t know what makes girls do stuff like this online. I’m sure guys like us are the reason why they do it. I mean… I don’t know how they get the courage to do it. If I knew people wanted to see it, I’d masturbate on camera for people. I wouldn’t care if it was a guy or a girl looking at me. Just as long as they enjoyed watching me. She’s online right this minute. If you want to watch her masturbate I suggest you click on her picture ASAP!

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