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 10 March, 2018

Which of these ladies do you want? I’ll take which ever you don’t want. Maybe we could take them out on a double date. I’m kind of cheap, so we’ll have to make sure that the place has stuff for a buck or so. Oh, what the hell. If you think we could get laid by these two I would be willing to spring for some good vittles. You know, the places with the wine and booze. That way we could get them a little tipsy and maybe have better success. You know that I’m joking. But, I would go out on a double date with one of these chicks if I had the chance.

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 9 March, 2018

This is what I really like to see. Two really eager women and one cock. He must feel like a king right now. Kicking back and having his way with two women. That’s just fucking awesome. They take turns and make his dick feel real good. I just wish that I could get in on some action like this. I’m telling you right now, I would do both of this chicks in a second. That’s all it would take too. They would touch my cock and it would spew semen all over the place. Like a cum shooting volcano.

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 7 March, 2018

You have to love Mandy. She’s one of my favorites. She knows just how to get you going. Take a look at those panties. I like them a lot. They make me want to sniff the crotch of her panties. Get her pussy nice and wet and press your nose against her panties. Smell them and then keep them for later. Tell her that you won’t ruin her panties. All you want to do is keep them for sniffing later. I know there are a lot of you guys out there that sniff panties. Don’t act like you wouldn’t sniff Mandy’s panties!

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 6 March, 2018

Stop playing games here guys. This is a porn shoot! Get to fucking that blond and the other dude needs to have her suck his dick. I feel like I’m the director here. I don’t know how these guys can keep their hands off of her. I would fuck her so fast she wouldn’t even know that I fucked her. That’s how long I normally last. You can see that these guys are real good in the bedroom. They can last a whole lot longer than I can. Though, that’s not saying a whole lot.

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 5 March, 2018

Once you take a look at this milf, you’ll understand why all these guys want to fuck her. She’s got a great body. I like her little muff of pussy hair. I like even more what she does to these two guys. They don’t mind sharing her one bit. They know how lucky they are to screw a milf. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t see them looking so happy. You probably haven’t seen two guys so happy to fuck a milf in your entire life. Pull down your pants and enjoy a dirty milf gallery.

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 3 March, 2018

It must be a difficult choice. Being a hot chick and not knowing what to do. If I was her, I would just let the guy fuck me. Why not? She’s good looking and can get any man she wants. She might as well let him do all the work. You know he wouldn’t turn down fucking her tender pretty pussy. That’s something we all can agree on. What we can’t seem to agree on is who would fuck her first. I don’t like sloppy seconds myself. But, when it comes to a chick like this, I would do her even in a gang bang. I know I would never get the chance to fuck such a stunning beauty ever again.

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 2 March, 2018

Do you guys think I should add more porn movies? I’ve tried to stick to just porn pictures. But, every now and then you need to mix things up a bit. Check out these blowjob movies and let me know what you think. She’s a damn fine looking chick. A good looking body and she loves to suck cock. I like to look at pictures. Though, I think there may be some of you that really like movies instead. So, maybe I’ll add some hardcore movies like these from time to time. Just to see if you’re paying attention.

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 1 March, 2018

This is a gay Latino man that works out. He’s got a cock that needs someone to play with. That is in need of a work out. What are you guys doing? He shouldn’t be standing there showing off his Latino cock. He should have a guy like you sucking on it. Maybe you could bend over so you could enjoy some hardcore gay Latino sex. That would be something else. You have to admit that you’ve had some very naughty ideas while looking at this guy. You know that’s a fact!

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 27 February, 2018

I need a job like this. Where I can go to work and have pretty women suck my dick. What about you? Do you think you could get anything done if you worked with her? I don’t know if I could. I would keep thinking about fucking this beauty. Even if all she did was suck my dick, I would be a happy man. I wouldn’t even take a lunch break. I would work all day long without taking one break. Well, just one for her to suck my dick.

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 26 February, 2018

You can’t take your eyes off her Latina booty can you? Be honest, you keep looking at that ass and wonder why you can’t be fucking a chick like that. I’ll tell you why, because sometimes watching is more fun than doing. We are all voyeurs to some point. We see a guy fucking a nice Latina ass like that and we kind of role play. You know, pretend you’re the guy. Looking down at that nice Latina ass that makes your cock so hard. It makes you want to go deeper and deeper inside her pussy. If you say you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’re a liar!

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