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 25 July, 2018

She’s so beautiful, but yet she’s fucking a total stranger. How wild is that? I have a special soft spot for Latina women. I really do. I see women like her and I want to fuck them. Maybe I don’t have a soft spot for them, but I certainly do have a hard cock they can enjoy. I wouldn’t be able to screw her like this guy is. She’s too much of a sexy Latina for me to do that. I would shoot my load and roll over and fall asleep in five minutes or less.

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 24 July, 2018

She’s a pro at giving handjobs. A lot of women don’t really know how to give a good handjob. This isn’t one of those women. No, she’s experienced when it comes to stroking a cock. In fact, I think she should be labeled a pro. Given some sort of degree in cock stroking. That way when people meet her, they know just how good of a handjob she can give. Stroke that cock honey and wait for the creamy cum to shoot out at you!

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 23 July, 2018

Do you think this is the first time she’s had anal sex? I would think that being such a hot black woman, a lot of guys have tried to fuck her in the ass. Maybe this was the first time she agreed to do it. He has kind of a big dick though. If this is her first anal sex experience, you think she would have picked a guy with a smaller dick. Maybe a guy with a pencil dick then move on to guys like this. All I know is that his dick in her ass looks quite painful.

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 21 July, 2018

He must have a lot of money to be fucking such a pretty black woman. I wonder how much money it takes to fuck such a black hottie? Maybe she likes tough guys. I certainly wouldn’t mess with this guy. He looks lean and mean. When it comes to pussy though, he’s like putty in her hands. He would probably do anything that she asked to do. He’d learn sign language to fuck that pussy. Guys, you know what pussy does to us.

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 20 July, 2018

He’s packing the meat, that’s for sure. Just look at that cock. It makes me wish I had a cock that big. I would be fucking chicks like her instead of this guy. Every woman out there would be begging you to fuck them if you had a cock this size. All you would have to do is drop your pants in front of a few women. They would tell a few friends. Who in turn would tell a few more friends. It would be like the mlm of sex.

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 19 July, 2018

I’m not sure if she’s a BBW or not. She’s beautiful, I’m not sure that she’s big or fat as they say. Maybe I’m just used to looking at really skinny chicks. She has some meat on her bones. That’s for sure. She’s one for those of you guys that like women that aren’t skinny like stick pretzels. Sometimes chicks like her can be a lot of fun. Chances are she’s a good cook or at the very least likes to eat. Who wants to have a good meal with a lady that only wants to eat salad? I want a chick that orders what she wants if she’s hungry. Especially if that hunger is for my cock!

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 17 July, 2018

She looks drunk or something. I don’t know, what do you think? I think she’s wasted on something. Maybe she’s drunk on black cock. Maybe she’s one of those small town women that don’t see many black guys. This is her chance to live out a fantasy. I guess I would look kind of strange too if I was fucking the woman of my dreams. She could also be tired. But, I think his big black cock would have woke her up in this interracial sex scene.

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 16 July, 2018

She’s in her sexual prime and she’s not ashamed to let everyone know. Look at the way that cock is going into her pussy. She has some great milf tits too. The kind of tits that you want to play with as you nail her. You know how to fuck a milf. That is if you’ve been reading my porn blogs that is. You’ll see plenty of milfs getting fucked just the way they like it. You see, I don’t make just a porn site. I teach people how to fuck. Well, kind of. Probably more like making guys so horny they can’t help but jerk off.

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 15 July, 2018

Who needs coffee in the morning when you have porn like this to look at? Two very sexy chicks that want to please a man. I like my woman to cook me breakfast in the morning. If she was up for having threesomes I might say screw the breakfast. I don’t care if you cook it or not. Let me bust my nut in your friend. What do I know? I haven’t been laid in a long time and I don’t know how to cook. I’m just a guy that loves porn.

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 13 July, 2018

That look on her face makes my nuts want to explode. She certainly knows how to play it up for the camera. Just imagine her giving you that look before sex. I don’t know what I would do. I think I would either faint or get an erection so big it would rip my pants. I’m not joking here. Look at those eyes. They will cast a sexual spell on you. You’re going to do what I’m thinking about doing, jerking off and cleaning the cum off my tummy.

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