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 24 September, 2017

Gizelle Collens is a woman on a mission. She’s out to make sure his big black cock feels as good as she can make it. It almost brings a tear to my eye. Thinking about how dedicated she is to black cock. Wanting to make him really have the time of his life. I wish there were more devoted cock suckers like her in this world. I would never get anything done. I wouldn’t even be able to write these porn blogs for you. Unless I could figure out a way to have a chick suck my dick while I type. Which I could probably do for a little while. Then it would feel so good I would forget about doing the blogs and start thinking about filling her mouth full of my cum.

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 23 September, 2017

Wow, this is almost too much to handle. Seeing how she smashes her tits together for a good old fashioned titty fucking. I like what I see here. She’s really pretty and seems like she really enjoys titty fucking. What a pleasure it would be to shoot your cum all over those tits. Don’t you agree? Just think about it for a minute. You’re titty fucking this really hot chick that just happens to have a nice rack. Those tits where made for a guy just like you to titty fuck them. What about the rest of her body? Well, that was made for a big fat cock to fuck too.

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 21 September, 2017

The things I could do to a pair of tits like that. Those would be the happiest tits in the world if she was my girlfriend. I would make sure that I always took good care of them. I would even ask if she needed help washing them while taking a shower or bath. That’s just the kind of guy I am. I’m dedicated to a nice pair of tits. Tits are the one things on a woman that really drive me crazy. That and lipstick lips. Well, ass and legs too. I might as well be honest, there’s isn’t a part of the woman I don’t like to look at. Though, tits are my favorite thing. Her tits would be my two best friends if she was my woman.

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 20 September, 2017

He has to be enjoying ever second that he’s fucking her. Look at that super fine ass. I love her pale skin. I would love to shoot my cum all over her firm ass. That’s a killer ass, I don’t care what anyone says. If you wouldn’t fuck this chick from behind, you must be crazy. That’s just what I’m saying. You must be totally fucking nuts. Call up the people with the nets and straight jackets, because you need to be locked up. Though, fucking that her while looking at that ass might make you go crazy too. If it did, it would be the type of crazy I would like. Instead of being the typical crazy guy that I am.

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 19 September, 2017

I love watching a woman finger herself. No toys, just using her fingers. There’s something really dirty about it. It is like you’re seeing something you were never meant to see. A woman fingering herself seems like something that should be kept in private. That could be why I find it so dirty. If I find something dirty, that usually means it makes my dick really hard. How about you? Does watching her finger that moist pussy make your dick hard? I bet you would like to slide your cock between her pussy lips. Deep inside her warm wet pussy. Then, pump like you’ve never pumped a pussy in your entire life.

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 17 September, 2017

I love her Latina tits. I really do. I could look at those tits all day long. I have no doubts about that at all. Just look at those beauties. I would tell her to turn around. So I could watch those Latina tits bounce as she rode my cock. What’s wrong with enjoying the most out of a woman? I don’t see anything wrong with being honest. If your chick has nice tits be honest and tell her you like to see them more often. Especially during sex. Unless you’re one of those guys that like to be naked while the woman wears clothes. Then, I’m not really sure what to tell you. Other than, nudity is beautiful my friend!

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 16 September, 2017

Listen up all you gay dudes out there. Was college like this for you? Lots of sucking and fucking cute college boys? If not, then you better check out this free hardcore gay porn gallery. You’ll see plenty of sucking and fucking going on here. Just the way you like it too. All of these guys crave cock as if they were addicted to it. All they want to do is have a good time. That’s what college is all about. Having fun and enjoying as much cock as possible. That way you at least learn something while at college.

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 15 September, 2017

I feel like getting drunk. Do you ever feel like just sitting back and getting totally drunk? I don’t know why, but I feel like getting drunk. I haven’t been drunk in some time. Long enough to know that I’ll feel sick in the morning if I get as drunk as I would like to. I’ve got some good gang bang porn to look at. That’s better than beer. It isn’t hot enough outside to enjoy a cold beer the way it should be enjoyed. But, it is cool enough outside for a crazy session of jerking off. Just turn off the heat and let the stroking create the heat. Though, I better break out the lube. I wouldn’t want to jerk off so fast that I start a fire!

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 13 September, 2017

That she does and then some. She’s even a good cock sucker. Just take a look at this free hardcore porn gallery. You’ll see all the action you can handle right there. What more could you ask for? She takes his cock and makes it feel real good. She sucks on it to make sure it is hard as a rock. She wants a hard cock inside her pussy. Then, she spreads her legs and lets him have the time of his life. You know that pussy has to feel good. Fucking a beautiful chick like her is nothing to sneeze at. Though, it sure would be something to shoot your cum at!

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 12 September, 2017

So, these two married people are kind of bored with their marriage. I can’t blame them. Fucking the same chick over and over again has to get old. Well, they thought they would spice up their sex lives. How you may be wondering? Well, they thought they would seduce a teen. Into having a threesome! When you think about stuff like this happening, it never happens to you. Am I right? You know this hot chick, but your wife will never ever go along with it. Well, that’s what all this is about. Couples who are tired of each other and want someone new to fuck!

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