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 15 September, 2017

I feel like getting drunk. Do you ever feel like just sitting back and getting totally drunk? I don’t know why, but I feel like getting drunk. I haven’t been drunk in some time. Long enough to know that I’ll feel sick in the morning if I get as drunk as I would like to. I’ve got some good gang bang porn to look at. That’s better than beer. It isn’t hot enough outside to enjoy a cold beer the way it should be enjoyed. But, it is cool enough outside for a crazy session of jerking off. Just turn off the heat and let the stroking create the heat. Though, I better break out the lube. I wouldn’t want to jerk off so fast that I start a fire!

bea stiel gang bang

 13 September, 2017

That she does and then some. She’s even a good cock sucker. Just take a look at this free hardcore porn gallery. You’ll see all the action you can handle right there. What more could you ask for? She takes his cock and makes it feel real good. She sucks on it to make sure it is hard as a rock. She wants a hard cock inside her pussy. Then, she spreads her legs and lets him have the time of his life. You know that pussy has to feel good. Fucking a beautiful chick like her is nothing to sneeze at. Though, it sure would be something to shoot your cum at!

megan joy gets fucked

 12 September, 2017

So, these two married people are kind of bored with their marriage. I can’t blame them. Fucking the same chick over and over again has to get old. Well, they thought they would spice up their sex lives. How you may be wondering? Well, they thought they would seduce a teen. Into having a threesome! When you think about stuff like this happening, it never happens to you. Am I right? You know this hot chick, but your wife will never ever go along with it. Well, that’s what all this is about. Couples who are tired of each other and want someone new to fuck!

barbie love enjoying a cock

 11 September, 2017

Another super hot party going on. The booze never stops flowing. That’s how you know you are at a good party. When they never run out of beer. People who know how to throw parties usually buy a little too much. That way if a few more people come than expected, there is plenty for them to drink too. I’ve been to a lot of keg parties. I mean a lot of them. Though, I’ve never seen so many hot chicks at them like you see here. Chances are if you went to this party you could get drunk and bring a chick home too. That would be fucking awesome. Drink free beer then get yourself some pussy from a hot chick. Yes, that’s the life.

drunk party girls looking to have fun

 9 September, 2017

I’ve been to a lot of parties in my day. I sure wish I met some chicks like her. I would love to get fucked up then fuck. Though, the parties I’ve been to are never like this. When you see them fucking in a dark room, maybe that’s a sign. That there really is some fucking going on at those parties. They just try to do it in secret. It makes you want to go through the house and open up every door you can find. If you did that though, you probably wouldn’t be invited to many parties in the future. I really don’t know what to say or do. Just keep on partying and hope that you meet a nice ass woman like her to fuck doggy style at a party one day.

woman fucked at a party

 8 September, 2017

Does this make your dick hard? Look at what she’s doing. Sucking the nipple of another woman. This is why so many of you like lesbian porn. Me included. The real question is who is enjoying it the most? Man, that one chick has nice tits. The one getting her nipple sucked. I would love to be a fly on the wall during this lesbian sex scene. I could only imagine the sights and sounds that would be going on. Not to mention the sweet scent of pussy. These two are just starting to get turned on. You know what that means. Soon comes the pussy eating!

lesbian sucking on a nipple

 7 September, 2017

She has a nice pair of tits and a great ass. She’s not as thin as most Asian women you see in porn. She’s got some meat on her bones. Which, isn’t exactly a bad thing. Especially when you look at her tits. Those tits are fucking amazing. Slap your cock between her Asian tits and you’d be titty fucking your way into paradise. When you see a woman like her getting fucked, it makes you want to fuck an Asain lady. Doesn’t it? Doesn’t it make you want to run out and find yourself a horny Asian girlfriend? Actually when I see any woman fucking I want to get laid. Luckily, I usually have plenty of lube on hand.

plump asian riding cock

 5 September, 2017

This is pretty wild if you ask me. This brings up that age old question that I have. If you’ve been following my blogs then you probably know what that question is. During double penetration do cocks and or balls ever touch? If so, would that freak you out? Or would you be so into fucking the chick that it wouldn’t matter? I keep wondering and I don’t know. Actually, I really want to try double penetration. That way I can answer the question for myself. I’d be fucking this blond beauty so hard I wouldn’t even notice if we were bouncing ball sacks. Unless it was painful, then that’s another story.

holly wellin double penetration

 4 September, 2017

You would have to be blind not to see how horny this woman is. She’s so horny she has a hard clit. It would be so much fun to flick your tongue against that thing. Though, I think he’s having more fun fucking her than if he was playing with her clit. Though, that’s just me. I would rather fuck that pussy. She’s good looking too. If you were on top of her every now and then you’d look down just to catch a glimpse of the beauty you were fucking. Isn’t porn great? You get to see women just like this one getting fucked good and hard. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

cock enters nautica thorn's pussy

 3 September, 2017

Wow, that’s just too fucking unreal. Anal sex where the chick’s asshole is just getting stuffed big time. What is this chick thinking? She’s taking a big fat cock inside her tiny tender asshole. You know she’s got to be in some pain. But, it might be that pain that feels good. I really have no idea. She looks like she’s somewhere in between really having a good time and wishing that his cock was just a little bit smaller. You can’t blame her though. She probably has a tight asshole. That makes butt fucking a lot more fun for the guys. But for the gals, sometimes not so much fun.

deep painful anal fucking

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