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 3 January, 2017

That’s what they are doing. Just in case it took you a minute or two to figure this one out. These guys are fucking each other in the ass. That’s exactly what’s going on. One guy sticks his dick in the other guy’s asshole. Then they pump and pump some more. They pump that rump until they shoot cum. That’s just the way it happens. Don’t ask so surprised. What did you expect them to do? Lay on top of each other and do nothing? No, he’s going to fuck that tight gay asshole!

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 2 January, 2017

That you are. I just wanted to make sure you got a good look at that Brazilian ass. That’s just fucking fantastic. What am I supposed to say? That is one of the most perfect asses you’re going to see today. She even fucks a guy. That’s what will really get you. You’ll want to fuck a chick with an ass like that. You’ll shake your head from side to side. Then you’ll wonder why exactly you aren’t fucking a Brazilian woman with a nice ass like her. I’ve been wondering that for years now. Then again, I’ve been wondering for years how to get laid by any chicks.

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 31 December, 2016

Mike’s Apartment is all about something like that. I like the themes. I really do. I find they are catchy and even sometimes really funny. At the end of the day I just like the porn. I’m just a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I like to see women just like her doing the things she’s doing. Like sucking cock for example. I really like watching her do that. She is really good at it too. You should check out this pretty brunette sucking dick. I just love what I see here today.

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 30 December, 2016

I thought I would make another porn blog post about pussies that would be great to eat. This one here would be great to eat. There’s no way you can deny that. She’s so hot and that pussy is getting so wet. You know she’s getting really turned on. You can see that just by seeing how wet her pussy is. That’s a pussy that wants something in it. Something called a hard cock. Too bad none of us were around to help out this beautiful lady in her hour of sexual need.

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 29 December, 2016

Doesn’t that pussy look good? Good enought o eat I would say. Which is exactly what this guy is doing. He’s eating pussy and enjoying it. YOu would too if you were eating Ashlynn Brooke’s pussy. You’d be jerking off so hard you’re whole body would be moving like a vibrator. You know that’s a fact. You’d be jerking off so fast the sound of your fist tapping against your balls would drive some people crazy. What can you say? You’re a man that likes to eat pussy.

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 27 December, 2016

This was from the good old days of porn. When the movies were actual movies. These have become to be known as classic retro porn. There’s a lot of you that enjoyed this type of porn and are looking for it today. There are those of you that never have experience such a thing. No matter what, you should check out this free retro porn gallery. You’ll have a good time. This is one of those classics that will be great even a hundred years from now. Porn so good it almost puts a tear in the corner of your eye.

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 26 December, 2016

Don’t fight over his cock. Play nice. You can share it. Take turns and even time it if you want to. That way you get the exact same amount of time with his cock. Then there’s the fine art of fucking this guy. You know two cuties like them wouldn’t fight over that. Though, they sure do a good job at pleasuring this man. There probably isn’t a second of all of this that he’s not happy as can be. Who wouldn’t be? Look, he’s got two blonds that are cock hungry and working on his!

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 25 December, 2016

This is one of those chicks you look at. You just look at and shake your head. You don’t even know where to begin. How to begin? She has great tits. Though, that tattoo is a little funky. I know some of you guys are into women with tattoos. I don’t think it is ugly. Sometimes I don’t think people look good with tattoos. Enough about the tats, now look at her body. Jus tthink of what you could do to a work of art like that. She is a beautiful work of art. That could be turned into your slutty girlfriend in the snap of a finger.

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 23 December, 2016

I think she’s going to lick his dick. That’s what I think she will do. You can see what she does by looking at the free porn gallery. She’s starting to get used to handling a cock on camera. She looks like she’s still an amateur. Not broken in yet, so to speak. Sometimes a porn chick has to get a few movies in before she really knows what’s going on. It depends on what you like. If you’re into the amateur blowjob thing, then you shouls give this a look over. Then again, you might just want to see a hot woman suck dick.

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 22 December, 2016

You are going to flip your lid. Things just aren’t ever going to be the same again. It is like realizing there’s a whole new world out there. That’s what seeing Katie Morgan will do to you. She will make you go crazy. You’ll think that there’s no way in this world a chick like her would do this sort of thing. But, just take a look at her. She has those bedroom eyes. Eyes that are so full of lust it is hard to imagine she can contain it all.

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