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 10 June, 2020

I’ve never seen anyone fuck on a big rubber ball. Especially two gay guys. Sometimes I think gay porn is far more creative. I actually think that gays and lesbians enjoy sex more than straight people. I know a lot of people will say otherwise. But, I’ve looked at a lot of gay porn. These guys look happier than any other guys out there. They seem like they enjoy sex more. Sure, we all love sex. But, we don’t act like it is the best thing ever like gay people do. I want to experience some of that action!

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 9 June, 2020

All she wants is that cock stuffed inside her wet pussy. His cock is throbbing and wanting to enjoy a nice wet pussy. She’s got one of those and is willing to share it with him. After all, sharing is caring. She likes to share and so does he. Isn’t it a beautiful thing. Hopefully all of us can learn a thing or two from these horny people.

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 7 June, 2020

I’ve always thought swingers were neat people. In some ways they are the most honest people out there. They are people who realize that sometimes you want to fuck another chick. Sometimes your woman might want to fuck another guy. At least they are honest about it. You really can’t think of it as cheating. Both people know about it. To me it seems like the best thing to do for people who want to have sex outside their relationships. This way people know what’s going on. No need to hide it or pretend nothing’s going on. Honesty is the best policy.

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 6 June, 2020

He’s showing off those big muscles. Not only that, but he’s got a nice looking cock. You’ll see that once you check out this gay muscle porn gallery. He’s got a strong fit body. I wish I had a body like him. I would go all around showing it off. I’d go around lifting heavy stuff for people. That way I could show off my muscles to anyone that wanted to look. He likes to show off his cock too. Which is about as meaty as the rest of him is. Take a look for yourself.

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 5 June, 2020

If you remember I wrote a blog post about guys that guys that have smooth balls. It seems that some of the hair on his balls is growing back. It kind of looks like he might shave his balls. But, I don’t know. I don’t like the thought of shaving my nut sack. If you can get passed how this guy grooms his pubic hair, you’ll see that boner of his is fucking a nice looking pussy. They are both having a good time and they are more than willing to show you just how much much fun they had.

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 3 June, 2020

All I know is what I see. I see a milf that really wants to change her life around. She probably got married when she didn’t want to. She didn’t live out the sexual fantasies that she had. Now that she’s turning a new leaf she’s more than ready to live them out. I’m glad for her. I really am. I’m also glad for my eyeballs. I’m glad to have had the chance to see this. I feel happy and I know she’s feeling happy to.

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 2 June, 2020

All you can do is look and be amazed. It has to make you wonder where she ever learned to suck cock like that. Look at her. She had to learn that some place. Though, she might just have some mad cock sucking skills. I’m at a loss for words. She’s going down on him in the same way that most of us fantasize about. When you see your fantasies turned into reality all you can do is shake your head. It gives you hope that there are beautiful cockers out there just like her. This is why us men go to work and bust ass all day. In hopes of finding a cock sucker like her and hooking up.

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 1 June, 2020

She’s got gang bang fever and the only thing that’s going to cure it is lots of cocks. I mean so many cocks she will see them when she goes to bed. I don’t know about you, but I’d step right up in that line to gang bang her. I would with a big smile on my face. I would give guy’s high fives after they shot cum all over her. That’s right, I’m one strange guy. But, if you’re going to be at a gang bang you might as well do it right. You don’t go to an all you can eat buffet and just have a small plate of salad.

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 30 May, 2020

I was having a bad day today. It was a fucking terrible day. That is until I saw these lesbians in action. They seem to be having more fun than two women could ever. I don’t know about you but I think these women should receive some sort of an award. Just to show them how much we enjoy watching them use those sex toys. After all, they did make your dick hard. They certainly deserve something. Maybe you shooting a load while looking at them is a big enough award.

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 29 May, 2020

She’s got a cum beard. How many women can say they once had a beard made out of cum? Probably not many. Especially the thick and creamy cum he shot all over her face. To say this is just wild wouldn’t be giving it enough credit. Who knows what to call it. Other than a cum beard? That’s about all I can think of. If I try to think of anything else I draw a blank. Maybe that’s because I’ve only seen something like this happen a few times. I wish I could give a woman a cum beard. That would be something that I would never forget. Have you ever given a woman a cum beard?

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