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 12 November, 2018

I’ve got a cigarette dangling from my lips right now. I don’t know to smoke it or save it for after I jerk off while looking at this hardcore lesbian gallery. Man, they sure are having a lot of fun. I think the chick smiling is having the most fun. She looks like the type that is really into pussy. I think some chicks are bisexual and they go both ways. Some might prefer men over women. This chick is either a lesbian or a bisexual that prefers women.

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 11 November, 2018

I wonder if his cock is sick? If they keep playing with it, that thing will throw up on them. Then they will think it is sick. While his eyes roll back in his head, he’ll realize how great it is to have sex with women who are still wearing clothes. I know that some of you guys are into that. You really get turned on seeing chicks doing dirty things to guys while they wear clothes. Are you one of them?

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 9 November, 2018

She doesn’t seem to happy to be getting ass fucked. It might be a little too painful for her. There seems to be a lot of porn shot on boats these days. It keeps reminding me that I have to get a boat. That way I can fuck chicks just like this one in the ass. If a boat will get me laid, I’ll buy two of them. I never said they would be nice boats. I wonder if women would fuck me in a row boat? I’m so cheap, I can’t see myself spending this kind of money just to get laid.

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 8 November, 2018

There’s a lot of stuff going on in this dare dorm gallery. You’ll see college chicks sucking dick. Fucking total strangers. You know they have to be wasted. If they aren’t wasted, then they certainly are wild chicks. Wild guys too. I went to college and it was nothing like this. I was either missing out on something or things have changed. It makes me want to run and go sign up and live in the dare dorm. I don’t know where it is, but this old fuck would like to live there!

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 7 November, 2018

What a big ass. I don’t think I’ve seen such a big ass on a skinny chick in some time. Wow, here’s one for those of you that are big ass lovers. I don’t know what I would do with that ass. Well, that’s not the truth. I would do the same thing that this guy is doing. Though, I’m not sure if I could handle her. She might be too much ass for me to handle. She would have to teach me how to treat women with nice big asses like she has.

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 5 November, 2018

I think I just realized what people mean when they say dreams come true. I saw this woman’s full bush and I know what my dream is. To fuck a woman just like her. I’ve fucked some chicks that had full bushes. I must say that I really liked it. In fact, I think some pussies look best hairy. Though, she’s the total package. Nice face and tits. A great looking body. Put all that together with a hairy bush and you’ve got something that will totally blow your fucking mind.

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 4 November, 2018

My heart just skipped a few beats. My brain just took a fart. I don’t know what’s going on. Other than the fact that I’m looking at a super sexy dirty blond with a cock in her mouth. Some guys really do have all the luck. They get to screw women like her and even get paid for it. Though, I will admit I do like to watch. In fact, I really like to watch. That’s why I bring you what I feel is the best porn blogs each and every day of the week!

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 2 November, 2018

Any of you gay guys out there looking for a boyfriend? How about just a fuck buddy? You could be one of those guys on the down low. You know what I mean. You swing both ways, but you don’t tell anyone. Well, you tell the guy you’re fucking. That’s about it. No matter what type of gay online dating you want to do, this guy might be your man. If not, there are plenty of other gay guys to date. You can date them or just fuck them a good one. The choice is yours. Well, and his too.

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 1 November, 2018

Let’s get on with this show. Shall we? She likes to show off that big cock and her tits. Chicks with dicks, that’s what some people call trannies. I just think of them as a chick with an asshole and a cock. No pussy needed. They give up the ass which can be much better than a pussy. Especially if we’re talking about a tranny like her. She does suck a mean cock in this hardcore tranny gallery. That’s something you’re going to want to see.

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 31 October, 2018

What can be said that you aren’t thinking already? You look at her round and brown ass and you know what’s coming next. You also know what you would do to it. All the guys who get to fuck babes like her are lucky. Admit it, you’d like a taste of that black ass. You might even give it a rimjob. Come on now, you know what I’m talking about. If you thought you even stood a chance of getting in the sack with this chick, you would probably feel like you were going to have a heart attack.

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