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 4 August, 2018

Why is Penny Flame wearing panties in the shower? I thought the whole point of getting in the shower was to get your entire body wet. Then, you wash it. Though, when you have a body like she does people don’t ask questions. Maybe it is her time of the month. If you know what I mean. I really have no clue what’s going on here. All I see is a cute chick with nice tits taking a shower.

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 2 August, 2018

Her pussy can’t get any more wet. Look at it for yourself. His dick must feel really good slipping in and out of her pussy. Actually, her pussy looks very slippery. Like it is so wet his dick might slip out. I hate it when that happens. When you’re fucking a chick really good and hard and your dick slips out of her pussy. That’s like listening to a good song and the radio guy cuts the song off too soon. If there is one thing I hate more than anything it is dry pussy. Trying to fuck a dry pussy is like trying to jerk off without lube.

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 1 August, 2018

You can see her cock as she fucks this guy outside. He slides his cock inside her tranny asshole and has the time of his life. You’re going to have to check out the entire hardcore tranny sex gallery. You don’t see trannies like this every day. She’s not only good looking, but she really likes cock up her asshole. That’s what will drive you over the edge. Seeing this guy fuck that tight asshole and you know he’s enjoying every single thrust.

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 31 July, 2018

You can tell that she just shaved her pussy. Does it make you feel special that she shaved her pussy for this scene? She did it just for your eyes. He’s a lucky guy for getting to fuck this sexy babe. I would settle for sniffing her wet panties. Let’s be honest, not all of us have a chance to fuck a chick like this. But, sniffing her smelly pussy would be enough for me. What about you? Would you sniff her panties or is that too dirty?

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 29 July, 2018

I really like what I see here. She’s got a lot of junk in the trunk. But, that’s a nice ass. She’s not a fat chick with a big ass. She’s a normal sized chick with a crazy big ass. This is what I love about porn. You really have no idea what to expect. One minute you could be watching an Asian screwing a guy and the next minute see a woman like her riding cock. What more out of life do you want? I don’t know about you, but all this porn puts a big smile on my face.

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 28 July, 2018

Do you think she has what it takes to become a pornstar? I’m going to say this up front. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my opinion. I think she could be a porn star. She has the body and she certainly has the sex drive. My only suggestion would be is to not get fake tits. If she can resist the urge to have bigger tits, I think she can make it. I say that because her tits look fine just the way they are. If she made them bigger, her nice natural tits would be lost forever. Keep up the good work honey and we all wish you the best of luck in your porn career!

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 27 July, 2018

That’s a fact Jack! She looks like someone famous, but I can’t put my finger on who. I know I’ve seen a famous woman that looks like her. Though, I doubt it was this cock sucking chick. Watch her do what she does best. Suck those big fat cocks and make them feel real good. She could calm you down real fast with those lips. I like the glasses too. They make her look smart, but yet slutty at the same time. Just the way I like my women to look.

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 25 July, 2018

She’s so beautiful, but yet she’s fucking a total stranger. How wild is that? I have a special soft spot for Latina women. I really do. I see women like her and I want to fuck them. Maybe I don’t have a soft spot for them, but I certainly do have a hard cock they can enjoy. I wouldn’t be able to screw her like this guy is. She’s too much of a sexy Latina for me to do that. I would shoot my load and roll over and fall asleep in five minutes or less.

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 24 July, 2018

She’s a pro at giving handjobs. A lot of women don’t really know how to give a good handjob. This isn’t one of those women. No, she’s experienced when it comes to stroking a cock. In fact, I think she should be labeled a pro. Given some sort of degree in cock stroking. That way when people meet her, they know just how good of a handjob she can give. Stroke that cock honey and wait for the creamy cum to shoot out at you!

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 23 July, 2018

Do you think this is the first time she’s had anal sex? I would think that being such a hot black woman, a lot of guys have tried to fuck her in the ass. Maybe this was the first time she agreed to do it. He has kind of a big dick though. If this is her first anal sex experience, you think she would have picked a guy with a smaller dick. Maybe a guy with a pencil dick then move on to guys like this. All I know is that his dick in her ass looks quite painful.

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