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 13 May, 2020

This right here is a threesome that we all wouldn’t mind being in. They work so hard to make him feel so good. These are the type of women that I wish I knew. I would try to snag one up right away as my girlfriend. Well, actually I would take the chick that was cooking. Only because like most men I do think with my gut. First the gut then the cock. The cock might work on an empty stomach. But, only to a certain extent. Though, people in some third world countries do seem to fuck a lot. I’m not sure what that’s all about. I guess if you don’t have anything to eat getting laid will take your mind off of it. It must or they wouldn’t keep doing it. Fuck it, enjoy these two women. They know exactly how to make a man feel like a real man.

two ladies work hard to pleasure a man

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