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 30 October, 2011

perky girlfriend tits

You probably thought I forgot about you guys. I know sometimes I don’t post back to back. I don’t know why I don’t. Actually, sometimes it gets boring. I know what you might be thinking. Can porn really get boring? It does. It really does. Especially when you look at it all day long. When you realize that some of these sluts are really disgusting. Not in a good way either. Then I start to feel horny and realize why I love porn so much. They might be disgusting and they might be filthy whores. But, that’s why I love them. I suppose in some ways I envy them. I wish I was a sexually open as they were. I could have a lot of fun if I was. I wouldn’t be sitting behind a computer jerking off.

Enough about me and all that stuff. I’m sure you care about what you see here. There is a lot of girlfriend or ex-girlfriend porn out there these days. This stuff has always been around. They used to call it amateur porn back in the day. A new name change, but still worth checking out. These are real amateurs that are acting real naughty. These are the girls next door that you can’t help but love jerking off to.

 24 October, 2011

hot ex-girlfriend

What is going on with you? You might have thought I forgot about you. I haven’t. I always think about you guys. I know you need something new and fresh to jerk off to. That’s the only reason I can think of for visiting a porn blog. It isn’t exactly something that you go to read up on stuff. I wouldn’t read a blog to learn about much of anything. Unless I wanted to learn about crack pots that didn’t know what they were talking about. I’m just here for the smut. That’s all I’m here for. I’m looking to have some fun and get a boner in the process. Maybe massage that boner some. While looking at girls like the one you see here. She is a lot of fun. You know that ex-girlfriend porn has become pretty popular. I got her from a site that has nothing but that kind of stuff. I think you will like it. If you don’t, you have me to blame. I’m always looking for something to keep you guys busy.

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 18 October, 2011

sexy latina

I love it when women in porn smile. It makes me feel even better jerking off looking at them. I feel like they’re having fun and I should be too. I like how she smiles with the cock in her pussy. Really, that’s pretty fucking funny if you ask me. The kind of funny that makes me want to beat my meat. This might be one of the best Latina sex pictures in the history of porn. I know I’d be smiling if I was fucking her. You would too if you were fucking her. She is one of the happiest girls I’ve ever seen in a porn picture.

 16 October, 2011

sex audition

This girl isn’t some porn slut. Well, she might be now. When this was filmed she wasn’t. Actually, this was her very first porn movie. I really don’t know if she has done anything more or not. I really don’t give a fuck if she has or hasn’t. I just like what I see right here. Spread legs and a penis in her vagina. It makes me laugh when I think about how much fun these two are having. I sure wish I was having that kind of fun right now. I’m out of hand lotion too. I’ve got no grease for my penis. That kind of bums me out. I hate jerking off with no lube. I might have to break down and use cooking oil. I guess I could use butter too. My favorite thing to jerk off with is lotion. It feels good and it keeps my hands soft.

 14 October, 2011

hot sex threesome

I’ve been feeling kind of down in the dumps lately. You know, I’ve got the blues. I’m not talking about the macaroni and cheese blues. But, I’d settle for some macaroni and cheese right about now. I just feel like shit. I need some excitement. I wouldn’t mind having some excitement like you see here. Wow, look at her go! Her pussy is getting stuffed full of cock and she’s working another with her hand. Which will be replaced by her mouth. I bet these guys don’t feel depressed. What the fuck do they have to be depressed about? They’re both screwing a hot blond. A woman that most of us would jump through hoops of fire to fuck.

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 13 October, 2011

nice body milf

Every time I type Milf I want to write milk instead. I don’t know why I do that. I looked at this picture and I fell in love with her. I love how her ass as that white area. You can tell that her tan is real. That isn’t a tan that someone sprayed on her. That is a tan she got out laying in the sun. I’d love to see a horny Milf like her laying out in the sun. There are times where I wish I was more than just a guy with a porn blog. I wish I was fucking women like you see here. I could have so much fun with her. I’m sure you could too.

 12 October, 2011

hardcore pregnant threesome

A true cock addict. That’s what you’re looking at here. So addicted she’s even pregnant! Do you guys like pregnant porn? I’m talking about where the girls are really pregnant. Look at those tits and look at that body. I’m just going nuts here. I’d love to have been the guy to knock her up. That guy must feel pretty lucky. Then again, his pregnant woman is getting fucked by two guys. All while they capture it on film. I’m not too sure if I would be happy about that. But, I’d forget about it if she was sucking my dick the way she is his. Actually, it would be difficult to think of anything but the pleasure while receiving a blowjob like that!

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 10 October, 2011

busty sex girl

A total slut. A woman that would do anything in front of the camera. She really will do just about anything. This has to be one of those times where your eyes roll back in your head. You see sluts like her all the time. Girls who just love to fuck. You hear stories about them from guys you know. You might even talk to your online pals about girls like you see here. These are the ones that guys brag about fucking for years. You’ll hear an 80 year old man brag about fucking a girl like her. Usually they talk about how they made the woman moan and stuff like that. All while they probably only last about ten seconds. We can only hope there will be even more girls like her in the future!

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 8 October, 2011

milf anal sex

I’m just wondering how great this would be. I think it would be so much fun. I’m not talking about just any anal sex. I’m talking about the stuff that you see right here. Anal sex with a very experienced milf. You know I try to put the best stuff that I can find in my porn blog. This really is why I do this. Because I love seeing women get fucked just like you see here. You know this milf has all the experience that this guy could ever dream of. You don’t have to take my word for it. You’ll notice it the very first minute you look at this hardcore milf movie. You’ll become a member and then she will rock your world. Just like all the other milfs that love it up the ass!

 7 October, 2011

fat girl sex

I didn’t know if you guys would like this sort of thing or not. I look at a lot of different porn. Not just because I like it. But, I also do it for when I work on other sites. I saw these sexy fat girls and I thought some of you might like it. There are a few of you that love BBW sex. Admit it, you’re one of them. Especially when those fat girls look as sexy as this one does. She’s a horny BBW that really loves cock. If you have never seen these women fuck, you’re in for a real shock. There are some guys out there that prefer fat ladies.

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