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 15 April, 2020

After seeing this I think I’m going to throw a party of my very own. I don’t think I would be a good party host. I’d be trying to fuck every woman that looked the slightest bit interested. I’m kind of cheap too. These women not only like to drink good drinks. Those drinks tend to be expensive. These guys must have a lot of money to throw parties like this. Do you ever go to parties like this? If so, where? I got to get in on this action! I don’t have anyone to invite to a party like this. It would just be me and a couple of drunk bums looking for some free booze. That’s why I like party girl porn so much. I get to see all the action and I don’t actually have to throw the party. Or feel like shit the next day from drinking too much alcohol.

not so shy woman wants to have sex at a party

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